According to the 4-stage normalization plan prepared by Vice President Fuat Oktay along with ministries, the curfew imposed at the weekend is planned to continue until after Ramadan Feast. The curfew, which was not implemented this week in Alanya, continued to be enforced in 24 cities. When will the curfew end? When will normalisation begin?
Curfew restrictions are expected to expire in June if the case situation improves after the holiday. The curfew restriction, which applies to those aged 65 and under 20, is also scheduled to expire in mid-June. Probably May of 16-19 and May of 23-26, including Ramadan Feast, are expected to apply the curfew restrictions.
Restaurants, cafes and bakeries are scheduled to open in mid-June, with a time limit to be introduced in the first place. Under the plan, these workplaces will first be opened with strict physical distance conditions with limited working hours.
For the period of 3rd normalization which will be start on 1th September, distance and hygiene rules are implemented in restaurants and cafes and the time limit is planned to be removed.
It is therefore stated that no new cases should be seen for 30 days. The opening of venues such as concerts, cultural centres, show centres and an amusement park is on the agenda by August. NEW PERIOD IN TOURISM OF ALANYA
Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy and CNN Turk live broadcast Hakan Celik answered questions on the weekend program.
Turkey is preparing for the post-coronavirus period. Changes in tourism are expected in many provinces, especially Alanya. What will change in Alanya after coronavirus? Will you get up all inclusive? What measures will be taken against the corona?
We’ve done four separate commissions, set a 132-point benchmark for accommodation and restaurants. As of nowsee also ‘ the criteria that have been published in there are substance by substance.
You need to give your staff pandemic training
The main criterion in certification is social distance
The audit firms will be checking regularly every month, there will be a square code in the certificate document when you read that Square code, you will be able to see the audit history of that entity.
This certificate will mean that all of the measures described as sine qua non by international organizations are implemented here and supervised by the tourism facility.
This certification is not enough, we are issuing a circular on this on Tuesday, we have prepared a letter of intent with our Secretary of state starting tomorrow, this letter of intent contains an invitation. We send this letter to the relevant institutions that will allow the citizens of that country to leave abroad.
We have written the details of Turkey’s health infrastructure, Hospital capacities, Ambulance numbers, ventilator numbers, we send this letter to all countries on Monday morning.
At the same time as our secretary of state, we will launch telephone traffic to 70 countries in the first place.
Our Ministry of Health creates test centers in places where we will use this as a predominantly tourism airport within the certification, we will test those who come here, whether domestic or foreign.
As of the end of May, we will start small tourism traffic with domestic tourism. In June, many countries start this little bit, here are central European countries some Asian countries whether they think they will be phased out in June as the date progresses we will announce the calendar is not a subject that depends on us have certain criteria.
This year should not keep the expectation high, but I think it is a good hotel if we can open 50% of the hotels for this year and 60% of them.
In open buffets, the presentation style will change, you will not receive it, only the presentation style will change. You will tell the cook how much you want. That health has a criterion. Buffet will remain, presentation will change.
We will initiate these actions, there may be additions to the criteria or reductions. We will go step by step, these are new normals, we will explain week by week, we will see how we will explain it accordingly.
In the 132-item criteria we have explained, they can look at the situation from there.
Charter does not change the content of the scheduled situation, and when aviation is concerned, the rules to be taken by international authorities will start working. Air traffic is important for the world economy, if you can’t start it, the system crashes, digital communication is to some extent
We consult our Science Board, and if they say ok, we contact the country concerned. I think Germany probably starts earlier.
I don’t think the priority is the price this year, I think starting the move is a priority. In the second third stage, the price is calculated, but at this stage, I don’t think anyone will think about it.
I think that it will shift to the middle of the summer or the end of the season a little more, there are no protocols yet, Galata Port is ready but it is capable of taking them today. It was ready for April 5, now it is ready, it is able to pick up the ship as soon as it says. OLYMPUS
This is a work that took place before my ministry. Since the 1990s, unauthorized and unplanned bungalow-style construction begins around the stream of Olympos. Archaeological site arrangements are being made again in 2017 at the request of both the local municipality of the rate and the Olympos Ruins Excavation Directorate, since it attracts attention both in domestic tourism and in foreign tourism. This is the subject of 3 and a half years ago.
First degree archaeological protection area, which is red, 2nd Degree archaeological protection area, which is blue. After this arrangement, there is a 200 hectare red area in the previous red area, and after the arrangement, the archaeological site in the first degree is increased from 200 hectares to 250 hectares. This is done at the request of our Ruins, not narrowed or expanded.
Unfortunately, a perception is created on social media and certain platforms as if the archaeological site of the whole area has been reduced.
When you look at the total, only 4 percent of 614 hectares is a 3rd degree archaeological site, and the rest is protected as it should be.
This is a protection plan, there will be a demolition.