In Alanya, police teams hung posters prepared at 120 locations in order to develop social awareness.

Alanya District Police Department Community Policing (TDP) Bureau Chief ‘Make Life Easier By Complying With The Rules! He hung posters prepared at 120 points in order to draw attention to the disruptive aspects of society, to prevent the problems that occurred and to develop social consciousness within the scope of the Project That Worries You Too, Alanya.

The posters prepared by TDP Bureau Chief were hung on billboards and bus stops at 120 points in total on the Ring Road and main arteries. TDP Bureau Chief has posted posters to raise awareness about disabled citizens, to draw attention to the problems they face and to solve these problems together, to remind the citizens of their duties in traffic safety, obeying traffic rules and safe driving, personal security, home security and workplace security, 112 Emergency Calls of the incidents encountered. It aims to increase the awareness of citizens against the Covid-19 pandemic, the importance of reporting to the Center, the prevention of fraud incidents carried out on the internet or by phone, the prevention of crimes committed in the social media environment, the importance of animal love and compliance.