“The Turkish armed forces protect our state inside and outside the country’s borders, the sovereignty and independence of our people, as well as their rights and interests in our waters and in Cyprus. At the same time, we are successfully fulfilling all the responsibilities entrusted to us in accordance with our country’s membership in NATO, the UN and the OSCE and the EU accession process”, – Hulusi Akar said.“With the opportunities offered to us by the domestic defense industry, heroic and self-sacrificing personnel, our Armed forces, as an effective and authoritative army of its time, contribute to the maintenance of security, peace and stability in our region and throughout the world”, – he said.The Minister added: “With grim determination we continue our fight against any forces that threaten the security of our country, mainly to the movement of Fethullah Gyulen, the PKK and ISIS, following the motto: “If you die, you become a Martyr (in Islam — it is a Martyr for the faith), and if you survive, then you become Gazi (in Islam, it is a veteran of the Holy war)”.