The game ended with the victory of Spain with a score of 57-53, so Turkey took second place in Europe.In the Greek city Volos the European championship in basketball among young men took place, which was organized by FIBA. As a result of the hard struggle, at the beginning of which the Turks kept ahead, yet the Spanish team won. The national team of Turkey came to the site with its strongest five players: Adem Bona, Atakan Erdek, Omer Kuchuk, Mustafa Kurtuldum and Taryk Sezgin. The first quarter of the game ended with the score 16-13 in favor of the Turks. The second quarter, which began successfully for both sides, ended with a difference of 8 points, thanks to Omer, who took control and increased the score to 31-28 in the last minutes. Despite the fact that the team maintained a productive game in the third quarter, Spanish Aldama managed to bring his game to a new level. And in the fourth period, the Spanish team came forward on points and finished the match with a victory with a score of 57 – 53.