The gendarmerie’s anti-smuggling and organized crime unit in the province of Chorlu received information about an impending deal to sell a unique Jewish relic. In the course of the operational activities carried out, the prospective participants of the transaction and the place where it will be held were identified.Gendarmerie units conducted a joint operation, as a result of which two suspects were caught red-handed in an attempt to sell a unique manuscript.The smugglers tried to sell the ancient book of 1500 years old with religious motifs written in it on 17 sheets.The seized relic was handed over to the Museum workers. After the investigation, the suspects will be tried.”The book of Torah” is the Holy Scripture in Judaism. In a broad sense, it is a set of Jewish traditional religious law. The Jews believe that the path to wisdom is the Torah. To read and learn the Torah is to become wise, to receive instruction, a practical guide to life.