Turkey Tourism Promotion and Development Agency of Turkey Hoteliers Federation (TUROFED) Board Member and Alanya Tourist Operators Association (ALTİD) Chairman Burhan Sili, said within the process related they entered the slow normalization period. Sili said, “President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan explained the issue in outline.
It will probably be further elaborated from now on. We see that the previous Turkish Airlines (THY) is launching its flights as of June. Of course, first of all, there are 19 countries and then month by month plans. It will launch regular flights and scheduled flights from cities that are currently eligible.
Apart from this, besides the start of the flights, the important charter flights are the start of the tourism. Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy foresees an activity in the domestic market after the Ramadan Feast. This means that; Private airlines will start their flights after THY. Besides, they explain their flight plans. As of June, this movement will be experienced in the domestic market. In line with the information we receive from our source markets such as Russia and Europe, it will turn into a normal movement in the foreign market as of July. This will not be an intense movement like the previous years, but at least it will be a start in terms of spinning the wheel, moving the economy and completing the normalization period. ”
Referring to the preparations of the facilities for the season, Sili said, “In the process of opening our facilities, Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Ersoy and the related ministries in line with a number of issues; There are procedures on how it will happen and how it will open. Although these are not already declared to us, we are making some preparations.
For example; We are making a number of plans such as low capacity utilization, adjusting distances on the beaches, and determining the lines for social distance in common areas such as restaurants. By acting consciously, we will carry out these works by taking the necessary precautions for the health of our employees and incoming guests.
The 2020 season will not be at an intense pace compared to the previous year. But whatever this is a crisis of the world, here is our advantage, I say it on every platform. This process to us in connection with our right administrations in all source markets, especially Turkey is among the most sought after and most clicked countries.
This means that we will face a much more positive scenario from the moment we begin to normalize in the coming periods. ”

Stating that it is a pleasant news for THY to start flights as of June, Alanya Tourism Promotion Foundation and ALTİD Board Member, Trade and Economy Club Antalya Provincial President tourism worker Şükrü Cimrin said: “There are a limited number of countries, among them the European Union. countries are present.
Of course, it is also very important to start direct flights and use Istanbul Airport in transit, only Turkish Airlines carries more than half of it in transit. However, an obstacle here will the travel bans of the countries to be traveled by Turkish Airlines be removed? We have to watch this issue. Restrictions continue until June 15, especially in northern countries and Western Europe, where we expect guests.
Everyone wants to see it. This process is constantly being extended, but it is pleasing for us that Turkish Airlines gives such positive news. We expect our facilities to open slowly according to the rules of our ministries. Mobility seems to start with the domestic market. At least at the moment, travels on leave with reverse quarantine have started, but it will not be a booming season. We can predict this.
Our tourists will not be able to imagine a very busy, together, very joyful holiday. We hope that if we open our businesses, we will not enjoy it, but we need every guest to come. It is very important for us to exhibit the attitude we have shown to the world about health so far, in terms of tourism and service, and to explain it abroad in a very good way, and at least to prepare for the 2021 season. ”
Stating that the demand from the source markets is important, ALTİD and Alanya Tourism Promotion Foundation (ALTAV) Board Member Elvan Güneş said, “Turkish Airlines (THY), which has stopped its flights until 28 May due to Covid-19, is entering the normalization process again, June. It is a good news that he has a flight plan covering the months of July and August. The starting leg of the tourism movement is transportation. Of course, the rate of demand is also important here. The traumatic situation and risk experienced are not yet over the world. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism foresees that the domestic market will move in the first place, and then the mobility of the overseas market. The internal market accounts for 15 % of the Alanya region. In other words, it is important to create demand in source markets. We hope that things will go well after loosening the bans brought with the pandemic. ”

Emphasizing that there are a few ambiguities on the subject and that these should be resolved as soon as possible, Hakan Halit Yeni, Honorary President and Chief Advisor of the Housekeeping Education and Decoration Association (HOTED), said, “It is very pleasing news that the flights will start, especially the flights to Germany will begin. This will provide mobility for 2-3 months in terms of tourism. Opening the domestic lines is even more pleasing. It is very important to open domestic lines in terms of mobilization of domestic tourism. It is good news that the international flights are also open for international flights. Because we tourismers have great expectations from Germany. These are positive developments. Of course, there are still some question marks. Hopefully they will become clear as soon as possible. Let the citizen and us tourism team get a little bit of water. Good news about coronavirus throughout the country makes us very happy. But I think that precautions should not be left after all these beautiful developments. In order not to return to the beginning, please do not let the precaution, ”he said.

Stating that they hope that foreign airline companies will determine their schedules as soon as possible, Ali Orhan, Chairman of Konaklı Touristic Operators Association (KONTİD), “It is good news that the flight schedule of Turkish Airlines is determined at the first stage. We hope that foreign airlines will determine their schedules as soon as possible. Even if it is gradual, we will start our season. from the German government had arrived in which Turkey is reliable in a statement. Germany and Russia are two important markets for us. Opening the flights in these countries will benefit the tourism professionals who start the season late. ”(İHA / GÜLŞAH ANAK)