GJC President of Mehmet Ali DIM who was the guest of DIM TV Main News with Ceren ŞAHİN; The number of coronavirus cases in Alanya has not crossed the fingers of two hands, he said, “there is no situation that will cause loss of image in terms of Alanya.”
Global Journalism Council President of Mehmet Ali DİM who was the guest of DIM TV Main News; evaluated the latest situation in Alanya, in the corona-virus outbreak. DİM,’’ When we look at Italia and Spain, Turkey is in much better situation’’ he said.
GJC President of DİM get underlining of the difficulty of the process we live in ‘
‘’ This process is really difficulty in Turkey and also in the world. It is the healthcare professionals who experience this process in the most painful way. We have to surrender their right. There is absolutely no material counterpart to this. However, They must have a spiritual response. Despite all these risks, They are always working. They leave their social lives, stay away from their families, maintaining their lives in different environments and sleep for a few hours. I thank you for them. It’s really necessary to give them to their right. It would be good for them, the government make financial support. ‘’
he said