Ed Parker, head of Fitch Ratings, according to the European, Middle East and African sovereign ratings division, praised the pace of recovery in the Turkish economy.”Turkey effectively resisted the financial crisis it faced last summer. The economy has demonstrated impressive resilience and flexibility,”  – Parker said at the Fitch Ratings Global conference in London.He drew attention to the significant improvement in the economic situation in Turkey.”A number of fundamental factors of Turkey’s economic potential are all very strong. I mean the indicators of public spending and the low level of public debt. The situation with private banks is satisfactory. The private sector shows flexibility and dynamism,”  – Parker said.The representative of Fitch Ratings also drew attention to the indicators of the current account deficit and inflation in Turkey.”The current account deficit of $ 60 billion has been eliminated. A current account surplus is currently being recorded. Turkey also had no difficulty in attracting the flow of capital needed to close the deficit. Last year at this time there were doubts that it will be possible to make it. Inflation is currently falling, and economic indicators are improving, ” – he said.