IN the youth category 42 athletes took part, 41 athletes took part in junior category and 12 athletes took part in the senior category. In the men’s competition at the standard distance (700 m swimming/20 km cycling/5 km running) Bertug Polachı (Bertuğ Polatçı) was the first. From the female category the first place was taken by Ilayda Kara (Ilayda Kara). For youth category it was necessary to carry out a high-speed swim of 500 meters, to overcome a highway cycling in 12 km and run on the highway of 300 meters. Mayor of the city and part-time Chairman of the Fund for the promotion of Alanya Adem Murat Yugel said that such sports events popularize Alanya and represent it not only for hotel recreation, but also for sports tourism. Triathlon is generally very useful. For the most part, training takes place in the area of medium intensity, which is considered the healthiest. Alternation of swimming, cycling and running contributes to a more balanced development of the body than just one of these sports. And one of the many advantages of training in the triathlon is its diversity.