Women’s beach AI Sultan is located on the road from Alanya towards Gazipasha in a secluded place on the old road. As the name implies, it was open only to the female population. In addition, free buses were organized from Alanya to the beach.The beach was launched in 2016. Like all major projects, Antalya was financed this beach. At that time, Turel Menderes was the mayor of the city. In 2019, the opposition party won the elections, and Muhittin Bejek became the head of Antalya. Coincidentally, in 2019 the lease of the women’s beach ended and it stopped working.However, in response to the requirement to restore the beach, the head of Antalya replied that the necessary documents for the extension were sent to the appropriate authorities, but they are still under consideration. According to the mayor, as soon as a positive response is received, the beach will start working again.