The monastery in the area of Machka of the Turkish province of Trabzon is surrounded by impregnable rocks and attracts the attention of local and foreign tourists. The monastery is one of the iconic tourist sites of the East Black sea region of Turkey. Work on the restoration of the monastery has been carried out since February 2016. Part of the monastery was opened to tourists on May 25, 2019. As part of the first stage of reconstruction, pedestrian paths were put in order, the area around the monastery was cleared of stones and debris of rocks. The head of the Department of culture and tourism of Trabzon Ali Ayvazoglu told reporters that the second phase of the reconstruction of the monastery is in process. According to him, the restoration of the monastery costs about 40 million Turkish Lira.”Currently, work is underway on the cladding. In addition, the area is cleared of rocks,” – Ayvazoglu said.The Ministry of culture and tourism of Turkey plans to complete the restoration of the monastery by the end of 2020.Sumela (Sumela Monastery, Sümela Manastırı) is one of the oldest Orthodox monasteries in the world. It was built in the early V century. It is located 50 km South-East of Trabzon, near the town of Machka. It is the main Christian attraction of Turkey and a place of pilgrimage for both Orthodox and Catholics.Its uniqueness is based on three whales. First, it is the oldest temple building of the Orthodox faith. Secondly, there was kept the miraculous icon of the virgin Panagia Sumela, written by the Apostle Luka, who was a disciple of Christ and the author of the gospel of Luka (actually so this Orthodox place is revered and other Christian religions).Thirdly, the monastery has an unusual location – it is carved directly into the rock and therefore difficult to access.