Soganli valley  is one of the oldest centers of Christianity, where you can see the churches and monasteries built during the Roman and Byzantine eras. On the walls of many buildings unique frescoes depicting Jesus Christ and the apostles are preserved, in addition, tourists can see the frescoes with the reproduction of biblical scenes.Due to the isolation of the Soganli valley frescoes preserved quite well in many of its churches. A typical “face” – by which you can recognize the Soganli valley –  is a large number of white entrances to the dovecotes. The villagers raise pigeons, these are abandoned churches. Christian churches lying on both sides of the stream have revealed works to recreate the original image of the area. The walls of these churches are painted with a variety of bright colors, they belong to the ninth century.Soganli valley is located near the village Soganli (Soğanlı) about 45 km from Urgup, 25 km from Derinkuyu, 75 km from Kayseri and 15 km from Yeshilhisar.