Ukraine’s Ambassador to Ankara, Andrii Sybiha, who shared the video of the Russians taking a tour in the Mahmutlar neighborhood of Alanya, where the Ukrainian settlement is also very busy, has published a message of worse.

“I want to think that our Turkish friends in Alanya are misled. The support of Alanya Municipality for provocative action is an indicator of disrespect for millions of Ukrainians. Isn’t it really desirable for Ukrainian tourists in really beautiful Alanya?” shared his message.

The 9th of May is Victory Day celebrations of Russia, organized by Ekaterina Gündüz, President of the Alanya Russian Education and Culture Association, took place last weekend. The Russians celebrated this holiday in Alanya with an open-top vehicle because of Covid-19 measures. The vehicle, which was touring in Mahmutlar where the Ukrainian settlement is also very busy with the vehicle allocated by Alanya Municipality, played a lot of Soviet war song “Katyusha” loudly. This Russian war song disliked by the Ukrainian people was perceived by the Ukrainians as the ‘provocative action of the Russians’. Thus, the tension between Russia and Ukraine, which had fought in the recent past, spread to Alanya.

“It is not known in Alanya that this song is disliked by the Ukrainians”, in many comments to the message of the poison mainspring of Ukraine Ambassador to Ankara Andrii Sybiha. Some users who commented reacted to Alanya Municipality’s support of this event.


Accordingly, a four-day curfew was imposed on 16-17-18- 19th of May. Erdogan said:
We gave the opportunity to our citizens who are over 65 years old to go out to the streets between 11.00 and 15.00 yesterday. We are pleased to see these citizens following the rules. On Friday, the 15-20 age group will benefit from the same opportunity. Unless there is any negativity, it will be applied in the coming weeks. On 16-17-18-19th of May, curfew will be applied again.