Alanya’s agenda before the move to the new ‘Tourist Protection and Assistance Insurance’ with Turkey Culture and Tourism Ministry Tourism Promotion and Development Agency (TGA) was implemented led. The announcement from the NPL, history, nature and the culture of one of the centers of tourism and Covidien-19 to secure a more enjoyable holiday in Turkey was announced collateralized Tourist Support Protection Insurance can be done. A link on TGA’s siteCovidien-19 is also an announcement about covering the insurance system as follows: “Turkey under the leadership of the Republic with this project implemented by Güneş Sigorta guests who want to go on holiday with peace of mind in Turkey’s paradise corner, months of fatigue and stress, Covidien-19 concerns without dodges. Istanbul, Bodrum, Cappadocia, Marmaris, Nimrod, Antalya and other wonders of Turkey. azure seas, lush plateaus, wide canyons and open-air museums of our guests discovered the unique beauty of Turkey, the area Covidien-19 uneasiness the entire world to influence the Enjoying the holiday by leaving behind with Tourist Protection and Support Insurance. You can visit to apply and get detailed information. ”


It is stated that insurance is a type of policy that pays the treatment costs during the time of hospitalization of people who are treated in the hospital due to the definitive diagnosis of Covid-19 disease. It is noted that if the person is hospitalized in one of the contracted institutions, the payment will be made through the Güneş Sigorta provision system, and by hand payment in non-contracted institutions. It was also emphasized that the coverage of the assurance will be determined by the coverage. The policy period can be up to 30 days depending on the insured’s travel time. If the insured lies in intensive care before the policy expiry date, the treatment will continue for 10 days, even if the policy is over. Covid-19 Tourist Protection and Support Insurance has no waiting period and anyone between the ages of 0-65 can benefit.


The scope of Covid-19 Private Health Insurances Coverage Insurance Insurance is as follows: “With this product, in case of hospitalization due to Covid-19 during the travels of our country to abroad, health expenses that may occur in all pandemic hospitals will be covered without any distinction between private hospital / public hospital. Including intensive care costs to the product. During the hospitalization, the payment process begins with the search for Güneş Sigorta provision teams. ”


In order to pay for the damage, the person must be diagnosed with a definite Covid-19 hospitalization or in intensive care and make a request from the hospital’s Güneş Sigorta provision center. If the institution is a pandemic hospital and there is no Güneş Sigorta agreement, payment is made by hand. Passport entry-exit photocopies, passport frontal photocopy, epicrisis, doctor follow-up forms, open invoice and examination results are required for the evaluation of invoices in non-contracted pandemic institutions.


In the Covid-19 Extra Hotel Cost Guarantee, the daily compensation limit, which is written in accordance with the alternative to be selected, will be paid in cases where the insured has to stay extra due to the Covid-19 disease within the scope of this policy due to the decision to be kept under surveillance by the hospital. If a 7-day surveillance decision is made on a 7-day tour with a 15-day limited warranty, 15-day compensation will be paid if the hotel is under extra surveillance for 15 days. Three separate packages of 10, 14 and 22 Euro premiums are offered. Mass purchase can be made by specifying the number of people as the insurer by hotels or tour operators. Bulk purchase will apply to groups of minimum 100 people.