ALANYA Mayor Adem Murat Yücel returned to the field after his successful treatment process due to Covid-19. Mayor Yücel, who made examinations in Konaklı Cultural Center, which was completed 95%, heralded that the Center, which will meet the needs of the Western region, will be opened in the first quarter of 2021.
The countdown continues in the huge cultural center that Alanya Mayor Adem Murat Yücel will bring to Konaklı Mahallesi. President Yücel made examinations in the Cultural Center, which is one of the biggest needs of the region and is about to be completed. Council Member Ali Şahin accompanied Mayor Yücel as well as his team.


Konaklı Cultural Center, projected on an area of ​​8000 square meters in Konaklı Mahallesi, Ketir Mevkii, will have a multi-purpose concept in which all kinds of cultural activities can be organized and traditions and customs can be kept alive. In addition to the main hall for 1200 people, all activities such as dinner weddings, engagement parties, meetings, concerts, bazaars and educational activities can be organized in the Cultural Center. The center also includes a meeting room and library for small-scale events. Thus, the people of the region will be able to spend their free time in the library; students will be able to do research for their lessons.


Realizing another important feature that distinguishes Konaklı Cultural Center from its counterparts, Alanya Municipality is also building a large outdoor space for the Center, which will serve the most crowded neighborhood of the west. It was announced that weddings, meetings, bazaars and dinner organizations will be held in this garden, which includes the traditional equality wedding concept of Alanya.


The kitchen, prayer rooms and bride and groom preparation rooms in the main building are designed professionally to serve the events to be held in the garden outside the hall. In addition, there are playgrounds for children, entertainment areas for children and seating areas for families in the garden. The parking lot built at the basement floor and entrance of the area will meet the parking needs of the guests.


Emphasizing that they will meet one of the biggest needs of the region with Konaklı Cultural Center, Alanya Mayor Adem Murat Yücel announced that the center will be put into service in the first quarter of 2021. Chairman Yücel; “Everything has been considered in our Cultural Center that will serve Konaklı and its surroundings; a very good project came out. We have a modern hall for 1,200 people where all kinds of cultural and social activities can be done. In addition to this, we have a large open area that we can call the second Equality Wedding Hall in Alanya. We have completed 95% of the studies. We will put our center into the service of the people of the region in the first quarter of 2021. Good luck to our region and Alanya already. ” said.