In his message, Erdogan said, “The most effective tool for eradicating the virus is the vaccine. In addition to our national activities, we also support global efforts to diagnose, treat and develop vaccines. ”

Stating that he couldn’t attend the meeting because of the Council of Ministers Meeting, President Erdoğan said, “However, I am very happy to take the opportunity to call you through this video recording within the framework of the importance I give to the subject.” Erdogan’s video message, with English subtitles, also included images of newly opened city hospitals and outbreak hospitals under construction.

Erdogan said in the video: “I present my condolences to the citizens who lost their lives in the epidemic, and I wish urgent healing to those who continue their treatment. Our investments in city hospitals until now have provided us with important advantages in combating the epidemic. Although our health system and infrastructure investments are strong, we have started the construction of new epidemic hospitals with 2 thousand 100 beds capacity in 3 different locations in Istanbul. We finish these hospitals in 3 weeks and put them into service. The coronavirus outbreak turned out to be a unique global test with political, economic and social dimensions, rather than just a health crisis. This epidemic reminded us that our destiny is common, even though our religions are different, “he said.

Erdogan said, “Turkey this understanding as we provide support until medical supplies to 57 countries today. We continue to be a reliable partner in the supply of critical healthcare materials needed in this process, from the mask to the respirator. Along with our opportunities, we also share our country’s experiences in the fight against the virus with our friends. The most effective tool to eliminate the virus appears to be the vaccine. In addition to our national activities, we support global efforts to diagnose, treat and develop vaccines. In the G-20 Declaration we adopted on March of 26th, we committed to providing resources for the rapid development of the vaccine. For this reason, we have considered being a part of today’s ‘Coronavirus Global Response’ commitment event. Not allowing unnecessary repetitions and bureaucracy in the works will make it easier for us to reach the goal. The Covid-19 vaccine should be the common property of all humanity. In this respect, it is extremely important to guarantee global access to the vaccine to be produced and to apply the principle of ‘no one should be left behind’. We will consider all these issues when determining our financial contribution to vaccine development efforts. We will announce the amount we will determine after the evaluations until May of 23rd, “he said.