WE agreed to be open,” Zelensky said on his Facebook page. – “So. I am flying to Turkey. I take the kids to the annual fun festival. I’ll be back in two days. This is my first weekend in four months. I wish everyone joy, health and good rest.” The festival “Fun” will begin on April 30th  and last until May 7th . The cost of a ticket for one person starts from 1.5 thousand euros. The festival will take place at the Lujo Hotel Bodrum 5*. Participants of the festival promised to show concerts, interactive, sports competitions, dance classes, intellectual games, discos and so on every day. As part of the festival, two new concerts are planned – “Quarter 95”: “Evening quarter” and “Women’s quarter”. Comedian Vladimir Zelensky, who has never had political experience, defeated the current leader Petr Poroshenko, receiving 73.33 percent in the second round of elections.