According to the President, the Opera house, which meets all modern requirements, will operate in the new center of culture named after Ataturk in Taksim district. Theatre halls, cinemas, libraries, shops, cafes and restaurants will also be opened in the center.

The head of state promised that the new center of culture named after Ataturk will become one of the symbols of Istanbul.

“To date, the largest and most modern Opera house in Turkey is located in Ankara, in the Presidential Congress center. However, in the near future, a theater of this level will be created in the metropolis. If there are no unforeseen circumstances, the Opera center will be put into operation by 2021,” –  the head of state said.

Erdogan noted that in recent years the number of cultural centers in Turkey has tripled, and the volume of state support for the sphere of culture has increased 50 times since 2002.