A new decision was taken within the scope of precautions in Alanya, where control was lost and the number of cases increased rapidly after the Eid al-Adha. Accordingly, places such as cafes, cafeterias, restaurants, restaurants with alcohol will be closed at 01:00.

In the new practice, which was initiated under the leadership of the ALANYA District Governorship and accepted by the Alanya Municipality Council, “In this context, measures have been taken and are being taken regarding public recreation and entertainment places in our district. In this context, it is considered appropriate to make arrangements at the closing hours of public entertainment venues in our district. For this purpose, it was decided that the closing hours of places such as cafes, cafeterias, restaurants, restaurants with alcohol should be determined as 01:00 at the latest and to be implemented during the pandemic, and a copy of the decision be submitted to the Directorate of Municipalities as necessary.


Stating that the new decision will cause difficulties for many operators economically, Alanya Otelciler, Pensioners, Restaurants and Cafeterias Chamber President Hüseyin Değirmenci said, “We have a meeting with our Honorable District Governor on this Monday (today). Closing it after 01:00 will be a problem for many businesses. We think that such a measure has been taken due to the increase in the number of cases in recent days. Of course, human health is more important than anything else. After that hour, we will make applications for our tradesmen to work as a package service. I hope we will discuss with the District Governor how long this application will take during the transition period. This decision will definitely change in the upcoming period. But even if it will be implemented in this process, we want to work as a package service after 01:00 “.


Restaurateur Baha Gökgül criticized the decision and said: “Does this disease disappear before 01:00? There is no tourism anyway. We just want support, but we don’t get the support we expected. Our closing time is already on average 01.00-02.00. We have everything on our tables, including our cologne, disinfection stand. We do not accept customers in a confined space. We have a thermometer and all the necessary equipment. Does the virus disappear when it closes at 00:00 or 01:00. Mandatory use of masks is more important than the closing time of businesses. “