Turkish Airlines (THY) which has stopped their flights for a while because of coronavirus. They are planning to start domestic flights as 5th of June, they are also entering a new period in the flight. THY General Manager of Bilal Ekşi announced the new applications that will affect the passengers this year, when thetourism company is hopeful about domestic tourism and through his social media account.
Ekşi touched on the issues that passengers should pay attention during the flight.
Ekşi noted the following about the new period:
“Now it’s time to prepare for the flights. There is no hand luggage for healthy flight, there is a small handbag. No queues and contact in the corridors. By announcement, by waiting for the order from back to front for boarding, from front to back for landing, by announcement. Put on your mask. Have a spare mask with you to change it every four hours. Keep your social distance, pay attention to this wherever possible and reasonable. Pay attention to hygiene, hand washing and travel with online transactions as much as possible. ”