Kemal Değirmenci, who completed his education in Austria, was the guest of Monday Chat this week. We conducted a pleasant interview with Değirmenci, who has his name rather frequently mentioned with his success in different sectors, about Global Business Metal A.Ş.

The owner of Global Translation and Consultancy Kemal Değirmenci,  also stepped into the recycling sector with Global Business Metal A.Ş. Distinguished by his successful work and investments, Değirmenci describes himself as a ‘visionary entrepreneur’. Operating in Izmir/Torbalı for 4 years, and having succeeded in Glb Swiss Alu AG, which is being conducted for a year in Switzerland, Değirmenci, who says “believing in the experience that comes from the master-apprentice relationship brings success” also says that recycling facilities should give world-class service to protect the country’s economy and reduce foreign dependency. Highlights from Değirmenci’s interview, in which he stated that he wants to support investors who will enter the sector, are as follows:

– Mr. Kemal, first of all, welcome to the Monday Chat. Can you tell me about yourself, Who is Kemal Değirmenci?

Hello. I was born in Ankara and completed my education life in Austria. I’m married, I have a daughter. I can describe myself as a visionary entrepreneur operating in different sectors.

– How many different sectors do you operate in?

In addition to our Global translation and Consultancy Company, which I have maintained for 13 years, we carry out our activities in the fields of investment consulting, the aluminum sector, which we conduct with recycling, and agriculture, as many investors in Alanya turned to during the pandemic period.


– Global Group is growing day by day and strengthening its brand in different sectors. Where do you get that energy, do you have ideas and a development team?

Ideas are also important, but we believe in experience and knowledge. In addition to the experience we have gained from our consultancy services to companies, we improve ourselves through our research. We always consider leading, visionary companies at home and abroad as pioneers, and we believe that “it is necessary to work hard to be the best”.

I regularly travel abroad. So I work to improve my country by observing the experience of the developed business world, which is better than us. In this way, I benefit my country.


– We’d like to talk about Global Business Metal A.Ş. Recycling is an inevitable fact for a livable world, and you are recycling at a terrific rate. What is the working principle of Global Business Metal A.Ş.?

We work with large companies that have years of experience in the sector, so we run our business without having problems getting products with high tonnage. Our principle is “to be useful to the country”. The most important thing in the industry is to find clean scrap. We obtain a hundred percent recyclable product by taking the scrap we bring from abroad from our onymous business partners. Because some companies can sell raw materials filled with soil, rotten plastic and useless waste. My country is not a land of garbage, so we produce every scrap we buy in foreign currency with our advanced technology and provide its sale at affordable prices in our country.


– What countries do you work with?

We’ve tried America and Eastern countries before, but we’ve stopped working with both transport and trust issues. Now we only supply scrap in European countries, especially Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Netherlands, Denmark and Austria.

We buy 97 percent of metal scrap from abroad. The reason for this is that we still do not have a full range of recycling facilities as a country. Both as citizens of the country, there is not enough attention to recycling, and there is no incentive to recycle from the country, we as a country still cannot do quality recycling. If I have to say in numbers, our country imports 30 thousand tons of scrap annually, and for this we give about 15 billion dollars to the garbage of foreigners.

– How many different products do you have and what can be obtained from these products?

As we are mainly in the metal iron and steel and automotive sector, we produce aluminum in all kinds of sizes, -mainly aluminum ingots and hemispheres, which can be used in every sector- by making analyses according to the customer’s request.

– How’s your overseas contact?  Do you have certain conditions and documents for import?

We have a certificate of import of scrap from abroad. We are a member of the West Mediterranean Exporters Association (WMEA). We also have internationally recognized OHSAS 18001:2002, ISO 10002:2004, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 quality certificates.


– What is your size in the market, how much space does Turkey participate in the recycling pie chart? Are recycling factories enough?

The total production in 2019 is 1.05 million tons, with 97 percent of the scrap we receive from Europe. Turkey meets only 2 percent of the world’s aluminum needs. It is, of course, in the hands of our state, our ministers, to raise this rate. Just like in Europe, we can get rid of foreign dependancy by establishing developed and fully equipped facilities in our country.

For success in recycling, everyone must properly separate their garbage. One of the most beautiful sights I’ve seen abroad was when people took their garbage, which they parsed as a family, to recycling factories. In exchange for this garbage, companies also give incentives to families by distributing stationery, money or food to stray animals for encouragement. Imagine a child in this environment; that’s how the conscious generation grows up.


– Do you get incentives from the state, how can the state support more production?

We do not receive support, but our industry partners operating in this sector also need controlled support. One of the big problems of this sector is monopolization. We believe that this monopolization will be broken with the support that our state will provide to new firms.

In order to make more production and bring money in our country, exchange rate fixing, gas discount and rent incentives can be made against bank debts. We are partners of our state as companies that provide employment and give taxes. The more we earn, the more we grow, we strengthen our state. If we grow, so does our state.

– Were there any disruptions or interruptions in your work during the pandemic? Did the Covid-19 process affect you?

The pandemic process affected us as much as it affected everyone. We have been forced by the rise of foreign currency, the still acceptance of postdated checks in the market, the sharp drops on the London Metal Exchange (LME), the inability of our suppliers to provide full service and problems with logistics, but despite these negative situations, we have fulfilled our commitments.

Despite all the difficulties, we aimed to grow, we grew our factory with tape system. During the pandemic, we became stronger by including qualified personnel laid off by companies that went to downsizing. Although we are financially damaged, we are spiritually proud to grow our brand.

– What would you like to say last?

As an entrepreneur operating in different sectors, I attach great importance to research and experience. Believing in experience from the master-apprentice relationship brings success. When I entered this industry, I did buy-sell with my own money, so I adopted the business, the buyer, the seller, the product and the market. I’ve built trust in the bank and in the industry. To protect the country’s economy and reduce our external dependence, I want recycling plants to serve world-class and remain in the country. We also want to support investors who want to enter the sector where I am. If we win, our country wins.

Finally, in 2021, I wish everyone health and love. I believe that every environment where there is love and health will be beautiful.