THE number of voters in the country exceeded 57 million people, 194 715 polling stations were opened for them. Candidates from 12 political parties participated in the elections, as well as independent candidates. In major cities such as Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir and Antalya, candidates from the opposition Republican people’s party (CHP) won. The great Union Party, the Democratic party, the Democratic left party, the Democratic people’s party, the IYI Party, the Nationalist movement party, the Saadet party, the Independent party of Turkey, the Communist party and the party Homeland put forward their candidates. Now AK Party (Justice and Development Party) is leading in 40 provinces, and its main rival (Republican People’s Party) wins in 20 regions. The opposition traditionally wins in the Mediterranean provinces in South-West Turkey, primarily in Izmir, as well as in Antalya, Mersin, Adan and several others. It is particularly noteworthy that the Republican People’s Party gained the majority in Ankara. The situation in Istanbul, where former Prime Minister Binali Yildirim is running for mayor from the ruling party, is not quite clear. At the end of elections Justice and Development Party had 48.71 percent of the vote, the candidate from the Republican People’s Party Ekrem Imamoglu had 48.68 percent. However, each opponent declares his victory. In Turkey, the post of mayor of Istanbul is considered very important. It was after his tenure that the current President of Turkey, Erdogan, was able to create a Justice and Development Party, and a few years later became Prime Minister.