THE exhibition will be held in the framework of the project “Picasso- Mediterranean”, which was initiated by the national Picasso Museum in Paris. It is known that the exhibition will feature 83 works of the famous artist from the national Picasso Museum in France, the Fund’s Julio Gonzalez, of the Palais Garnier in Paris and the collection of Kontaksopulos-Prokopchuk in Brussels. The event will also feature photographs that document Picasso’s close ties with other artists, writers and musicians. The exhibition of works by the great artist will begin in Izmir on September 18 and will end on January 5, 2020. Picasso Pablo (25.10.1881-08.04.1973) – the Spanish painter, graphic artist, sculptor, ceramist. He made a serious contribution to the development of fine arts, one of the founders of cubism. He is the author of the works that lead by their cost and are most often subjected to stealing.