It was claimed that a ban on 9-day curfew could be declared by combining 19 MAY Youth and Sports Day and Ramadan Feast. Hürriyet newspaper writer Abdülkadir Selvi stated in his article that the normalization process will be started in May in the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, and he shared the information “The decision on the 9-day curfew will be made on May 18th”.
Selvi said, “The Feast of Ramadan coincides with Sunday, May 24th. It will be covered by the curfew, since it is a eve on Saturday and a feast on Sunday.
However, there are two dates that need to be clarified in this process. Will the second and third days of Ramadan Feast be included in the curfew and be implemented as 4 days? Is there a 9-day curfew, beginning on Saturday (May 23rd) and ending on Monday, June 1st, including Eid al-Fitr?
Cypress used the following statements,
“Preparing for a controlled normalization process. Intercity travels will not be made during the Feast of Ramadan. But it will not be decided how many days the curfew will be on the holiday. The 9-day curfew is not on the agenda. If the data continues to be good, it may not even be considered for 4 days. “