According to the statistics of the International Union of public transport (UITP), Istanbul ranks first in the world in terms of development and length of the railway line. After the completion of the railway track, its length will be 454 km. Until 1994, the length of railway system in Istanbul did not exceed 28,05 km In the last 25 years, the system of railway tracks increased to 233,05 km. To accommodate the millions of local residents and foreign tourists 17 lines works at the same time. Thus, Istanbul entered the top 5 cities of the world and confidently leads in this list. For example, China has 8 lines at the same time, the length of 234.3 km. In the capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh – 5 lines, a total of 146.3 km, in Seoul, the total length of 5 lines was 61.9 km. To date, construction work in Istanbul continues on all 17 lines. Metro lines, tram and funicular systems have a total length of 221.7 km. After the completion of the work, the length of the railway system will increase approximately twice – up to 454 km. Thus, faster, more convenient and uninterrupted public transport for residents and guests of Istanbul will be provided.