Ekaterina Gündüz: Hello, Mr. Adem Murat. Thank you for agreeing to participate in our conversation. I want to congratulate you on your re-election and victory in the elections. You won by a majority vote and I would like to know why do you think the people of Alanya chose to vote for you?

Adem Murat Yugel: Hello, Mrs. Ekaterina. Thank you for your invitation to participate in your interview and I am ready to answer all your questions. Yes, on March 31st, 2019, I was re-elected in the elections and wanted to thank all the voters who used their democratic right and voted for me. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people who voted for me. During my reign as the mayor, we have implemented a lot of important and significant projects, guided by the wishes of our citizens and performing the basic functions of social security of the city residents. Our doors are open to our people all time, and we have never stopped this connection. Also, in the future, both for residents of the city and for our foreign friends who came to live in this beautiful city, we will work day and night for their happy life in Alanya.


Ekaterina Gündüz: Please tell me, over the years of your reign as the mayor, within five years, what projects have you realized?

Adem Murat Yugel: Alanya is a wonderful city with a unique historical heritage and luxurious, unique nature. We are working to make people of different nations and religions, living in Alanya, feel calm and safe. We have implemented a project for the construction of a cable car, a project that was planned to be implemented within 37 years. We have opened the largest shelter and rehabilitation center for animals. We have invested a lot in the Toslak area. We have built a solar power plant, a lot of social parks, now we are building a new city hall and implement many cultural and social projects that are not listed. We are proud that for the projects of the cable car and solar power plant, we were awarded in the competition of municipal projects organized by the Association of the Mediterranean municipalities.


Ekaterina Gündüz: 2019 has been declared the year of culture and tourism in Russia and Turkey. What activities are planned by the municipality in the framework of this cross-year?

Adem Murat Yugel: Russia and Turkey have many years of diplomatic friendship. On March 16th , 1921, the Treaty of friendship and brotherhood was signed and we have many historical and cultural threads intertwined. At the Meeting of the cooperation Council between Russia and Turkey, which was held in Moscow, two leaders signed a Declaration proclaiming this year the cross year of culture of Russia and Turkey. Several cultural and humanitarian projects have been planned, and according to this plan, a tourism Festival dedicated to the year of Russia will be held from 15th to 17th June, 2019. The festival will be attended by Russian public organizations of Russian compatriots, Russian schools, as well as sister cities: Murmansk, Saratov, Dergachi, Zelenogorsk. Christmas fair, which is organized by foreign citizens, living in Alanya, will be held, and we intend to expand the Council of foreigners, to unite all living foreigners in Alanya, so that the work of this Council will become more productive.


Ekaterina Gündüz: What are your plans for the next 5 years, what do you plan to do for the city and its development in the tourism sector?

Adem Murat Yugel: We continue our work on the Alanya brand as a global resort brand. We continue to popularize Alanya both inside and outside the country. We plan to expand tourism, hospitality, professionalism, service quality and service sector to improve the quality of tourism services. Alanya is a Paradise on earth with a unique natural and historical heritage.  We are working to preserve the environment so that guests can enjoy the natural wealth of Alanya. We protect the lands and forests of Alanya and continue our work in this direction.


Ekaterina Gündüz: Your election campaign exists within the framework of the presidential Union, but in Antalya the election was won by a representative of another party from the people’s Union. How do you see your further joint work, as Antalya was won by the opposition, Muhittin Bodgek.

Adem Murat Yugel: According to the election results, the mayor should not focus on the political side, but should serve the people. Together with Antalya, we must continue our work to improve the lives of people who live in Alanya. Regardless of our political preferences, we must unite to ensure a better life in our region. We will continue to work together and will be guided by such principles.


Ekaterina Gündüz: Mr. Adem Murat, thank you for your time and for such an interesting and useful conversation.

Adem Murat Yugel: Mrs. Ekaterina, I bring you my sincere gratitude for this wonderful report and through you convey my greetings to all citizens of Alanya and the foreigners, living in Alanya, or who came to us on vacation.