IN the Tarsus district of Mersin province, the first harvest of early watermelon varieties began in the fields. The berries are grown in the open ground, an area of 2 hectares. Being juicy and delicious, watermelon is loved by many. This southern berry is rich in nutrients that have a beneficial effect on the whole body. The first harvest in the Kulak district was attended by the Chairman of the district agricultural chamber Weis Avjı (Veyis Avcı). Avji talked with melon growers and noted that watermelon is an indispensable fruit of the first summer months and he wished everyone a good season. The Chairman said that the entire harvest will go to the domestic market of the country: “All the collected early berries are planned to be put on the shelves of shops and markets of Turkey, because of some problems associated with exports”. Farmers, in turn, said that a good harvest of melons is expected this year and they will be happy to feed the country with sweet watermelons of the new crop.