THUS, the period of military service has been reduced from 12 months to six months, and payment in return for military service will now become a permanent practice. 335 from 600 MPs supported the law. Those wishing to stay in the army for another six months during the last six months will be paid a salary of two thousand Turkish liras (about $346). Reserve officers and non-commissioned officers, who are selected from among the graduates of higher and secondary vocational schools, will serve a year. According to the new law, those who wish to pay instead of performing their civic duty will undergo a month of military training and will be released from service for the remaining five months in exchange for 31 thousand liras (5 371 dollars). In Turkey, all men over 18 years are required to undergo military service. From time to time, the possibility of payment of duty for reduction or exemption from military duty was introduced. Earlier this year Turkish President Regep Tayyip Erdogan promised that paid military service will be introduced on a permanent basis. It is expected that when the law comes into force, about 100 thousand people currently serving in the military will go home.