According to the producers this year they expect more of this fruit. So, last year, 40 million avocados were harvested from 150 thousand trees, and this year it is expected that the harvest will reach 50 million.Turkish avocados, or alligator pears, are highly valued in the world market. In the suburbs of Alanya, namely in Gazipasha, 90% of all fruits from Turkey grow up here. In addition to the quantity, Turkish avocados are characterized by quality. They are loved for a pleasant and delicate flavor.Over the past 15 years, the fruits in Alanya began to grow 10 times more. The city is called the Turkish capital of bananas and avocado. Local farmers grow alligator pears for sale in the local market and for export. In addition, seedlings of fruit plants are sold abroad.Avocado harvesting in Alanya is increasing every year, in total there are about 130 thousand avocado trees in Alanya, which bring more than 15 million fruits per year.Avocados have become especially popular in recent years, when the world has literally started to go crazy with vegetarian cuisine. The fruit is very useful from a medical and dietary point of view. It is used not only in cooking, but also in cosmetology. Avocado contains a lot of vitamins, micro-and macronutrients. At the same time, it has no harmful fats. The fetus can be consumed by diabetics, hypertensive patients and those who have “jumping” pressure.Avocado fruits are even listed in the Guinness Book of records as the most nutritious fruits in the world.