The text of the draft allegedly infiltrated by the Scientific Committee as follows: 1-3 of MAY Curfew, 9-10 MAY Curfew 11 MAY Shopping malls excluding children’s areas and restaurants 16-19 of May Curfew and 20 of May, Small businesses opening on 23-26 of May Curfew and 27 of May End of curfews – Switching to new normal 5th of June Starting leagues without audience. 8th of June Opening schools (until 5th July) 12th of June Opening international flights (with limited number of countries)
on September Return to Normal The government made its plan according to the 30 Ramadan Feast as the “normalization process”. Normalization will be implemented in 4 stages until the date of the Covid-19 vaccine. STEPS: Preparation period: on 4-26 of May 2020, May, 31 August 2020 , Stage 2: 1 September-31 December 2020, Stage 3: 1 January 2021 – Until the stage 1 of the vaccine is found (if the vaccine has not yet been developed in stages 1 and 2). In the 1st stage between May and 31 August, it is envisaged that restaurants and cafes will be opened within the limited physical working hours and limited working hours. This phase is envisaged to be implemented in the absence of a Covid-positive case for 14 days.
In the second stage between September 1 and December 31, 2020, it is planned to remove the hour limit by applying physical distance and hygiene rules for restaurants and cafes. For this, the new Covid-19 case should not be seen for 30 days. In the third phase, which will start on January 1, 2021, restaurants and cafes will be opened to everyone (without age limit) by applying physical distance and hygiene rules. According to this plan envisaged for stage 3, no positive cases will be expected across the country.