Antalya, one of the most important holiday destinations in the world, is preparing to become one of the first cities to open its doors to the world after the epidemic in tourism, which is one of the sectors most affected by the CORONA epidemic. According to the decision taken at the meeting held with sector representatives under the chairmanship of Antalya Governor Münir Karaloğlu, the letter with the motto #SunAndMore was prepared by AKTOB, where all hotels were asked to stay at home during their epidemic process and were invited to Antalya.
Antalya, in which all-time records were broken in 2019, hosted nearly 23.5 million tourists, including 16 million foreigners and 7.5 million locals. AKTOB’s letter, titled ‘Sun and more’ prepared in Turkish, Russian, German and English, was sent to all hotels and tour operators across the province.

because of coronavirus epidemic, Alanya is one of the locations that host millions of tourists every year in the season.
The sector representatives and tourism tradesmen, who are eagerly waiting for the bad days to end, started preparations for the season. Alanya, which is expected to serve primarily domestic tourism, is expected to return to the beautiful day with the start of foreign tourism in the following months;
sent to hotels . Turkey is one of the greatest achievements of tourism, drawing attention to the guest loyalty at a very high rate, high satisfaction rate and resort guest loyalty across the globe in this process was interrupted tourism activities, communication with guests and emphasized that become even more important. In this framework, the letters prepared in 4 languages ​​in the ‘Sun and more’ campaign launched under the coordination of AKTOB were sent to the guest addresses in the database and used in social media channels.
The letter from Patara, which is the tourism theme of 2020, that starts with the photos and starts as ‘My dear guest’, is as follows: “We wanted to say to you a longing for the sea, the sun and the sand , the most beautiful place in Antalya. We would like you to know that our longing for you has increased even more in these days when we all stay in our houses because of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Yes, we will remain separate from you for a while. However, when we reunite after a short time, we will be welcoming you with our warm orange sun and orange flowers that will turn your head with its scent, revealing the wonderful harmony of blue and green. Stay healthy until that day when we will meet again.
Are we? We will continue to wait for you today, tomorrow, as well as yesterday, in Antalya, the address of a healthy and reliable destination that adorns your dreams.