The scope of the fight against increasing cases and secretion of the Interior Ministry sent to the governor of all the cities in Turkey, “Isolation Measures” according to the circulars “Neighborhood Inspection Team” will be created

A circular on “Isolation Measures” was sent in Alanya by the Ministry of Interior. In this context, “Neighborhood Control Teams” will be formed in order to ensure the effective implementation of the measures taken in the fight against Kovid-19. According to the circular, those with a diagnosis of Kovid-19 / contact / home isolation will be provided by using electronic means to comply with the isolation conditions.

In the circular, it was reminded that with the circular previously sent to the governorships, it was instructed that the information of the person subjected to isolation was obtained from the Provincial Health Directorates and the Governor / District Governor and law enforcement units should follow up and frequently inspect whether the isolation conditions were complied with, especially in the first 7 days.