Speaking to Yeni Alanya about the recently increasing rental prices in Alanya, sector representatives stated that Alanya is a city that constantly receives immigration, and attributed this increase to the high demand.

Especially in Alanya, where house rent prices have almost doubled, the real estate sector representatives, who made an assessment on New Alanya, attributed the price increases to the high demand. Kerim Balıktay, President of the Alanya Real Estate Brokers Association (ALEKOD), said, “There is an increase in rental prices in Alanya. Because Alanya is a district that receives migration day by day. As the number of apartments for rent is below the demand, the prices increase accordingly. “On the other hand, the tourists coming to Alanya on holiday prefer more furnished houses due to the pandemic concern. happened. With the opening of international flights, there is a dynamism in the real estate sector as in all sectors, “he said.