“Let it be possible, let it be needed” A mosque chaplain in Alanya established a “charity market” at the entrance of the mosque, which was closed because of coronavirus.
Fazlı Karakum, the Chaplain of Hüseyin Girenes Mosque, which is affiliated with our ALANYA Mufti, filled the ‘charity market’ at the entrance of the mosque. With the support of philanthropists under the leadership of chaplain Karakum, basic food materials were placed on the market shelves for the citizens in need.
The charity market opened with the slogan “Let it be possible, get it in need” will support families who are victims of the coronavirus outbreak. chaplain Karakum stated that with the emergence of the coronavirus epidemic and the month of solidarity, the month of Ramadan, they carried out this study in order to support the citizens in need, and they are waiting for those who need it to Hüseyin Girenes Mosque.