The city became the “carpet center” of Turkey, as for decades the experience of creating and restoring carpets was passed on from generation to generation in the city.”Our masters restore carpets from the Washington Museum, Buckingham Palace, Dolmabahce Palace. We have a thousand masters, and what they do is a great contribution to the economy of our country,”  – the mayor Fakhri Solak said.According to him, the masters are versatile and work with any type of carpets, from Iranian to French.”We restore the carpet to its original state regardless of the form in which it was delivered to us,” – Mahmut Agir said. He restores carpets for 25 years.Masters say that sometimes the restoration of the carpet lasts only a month, and sometimes a year. Each of the specialists treats the work with responsibility and love.Turkey is also preparing for the restoration of one of the largest carpets in the world.  We are talking about a carpet of 468 square meters from the Palace complex “Yildiz” in Istanbul. The carpet was woven in 1897 on the occasion of the visit of the last German Emperor Wilhelm II and covers the entire floor of the hall. Its weight is about three tons. Restoration of the carpet will take up about three years, after which it will be returned to its original place.