The fact that Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy marked the end of May for the opening of the tourism season, mobilized the tourism operators, especially in Alanya. The company, which organizes many tourist businesses and tourism activities in Alanya, which is known as the tourism paradise, closely follows the process.


ATIB President Karaca, is not only businesses in the hospitality area, Karaca stated that tourism serving all areas of activity began, since the occurrence of the first coronavirus cases in Turkey tourism that enterprises enter into a meticulous study and stressed that necessary measures.
Karaca’s evaluations are as follows:
“Our all open business disinfection, it enforces the coronavirus measures such as social distancing. Turkey, after the first day since the measures taken and spread of the virus is an example to the world’s health infrastructure. Therefore, Turkey will beat coronavirus and will have a position more powerful than before.
Turkey’s Corona-Virus fighting in the tourism sector was dominated by the idea that a positive effect on Turkish tourism. In this sense, Turkey’s example will demonstrate a posture, we also think that the best examples of Antalya in Turkey. ”


Pointing out that all the facilities that serve tourism should be included in the certification process, Karaca said that in the post Covid-19 period, a “boutique tourism” approach will come into a different period.


In this process, alternative tourism, Karaca stating that they anticipate will come to the fore as never before, “all depending on them this time period will begin at the same time it may also be the end of everything, including systems in Turkey.
Corona-virus’s success as a brand that makes a successful struggle by revealing Turkey, plus it will take the results in many areas of tourism including health first. “He said.
Stating that Antalya is ready for the measures to be determined by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism with its infrastructure, transportation network and accommodation facilities, Karaca said, “If potential visitors in the target markets are also convinced in addition to the extra measures to be taken with the opening of the season, Antalya and Turkish tourism will make this process much better than the rival destinations. The touristic facilities in Antalya are also preparing for the process and are eagerly awaiting the developments. ” he said.