ACCORDİNG to the mayor Muhittin Bechek Antalya takes 14-15 million tourists a year, it is 68% of foreign tourist traffic of the country, and the city needs to have additional municipal revenue to sustain urban infrastructure. As noted by Muhittin Bechek to the introduction of the tax, the Ministry of tourism of Turkey shall publish the relevant law.Chairman of the city Council for tourism Regep Yavuz said that the tourist tax the city can earn 150-200 million euros per year. In accordance with the words of Yavuz, Antalya, where 2.5 million local residents live, in summer takes about 5 million people, which increases the “pressure” on garbage collection services, sewerage, road maintenance, etc. Therefore, to maintain the infrastructure takes more money than provided by the budget, and a similar problem in Europe and in the world is solved by charging tourists with city or environmental taxes. Meanwhile, representatives of Turkish host companies noted that the initiative raises questions and is premature. In the context of rising prices for holidays in the country to make such statements should be very careful not to scare tourists. The idea of introducing a tax on tourists in Antalya was discussed before, but the amounts that were called were modest – within one dollar per vacationer. This innovation is still under consideration, and this year there will be no tourist tax.