THE ancient theater in Laodicea was built by the Romans 2.2 thousand years ago. Laodicea in Turkey was the main city of the Litus River coast. The city was originally known as Diospolis, translated as “the City of Zeus”. The remains of the city are mostly undiscovered so far, so most of what we know about its history comes from written sources. Most of the historical monuments of Turkey are in quite high quality and restored form. The ancient city Laodicea is included in the temporary UNESCO world heritage list, and there is one of the seven churches mentioned in the Bible. Excavations in Laodicea have been ongoing since 2003 under the supervision of the head of the Department of archaeology of the University of Pamukkale Professor Jelal Shimshek. On the territory of the ancient city, thanks to the efforts of archaeologists, many historical monuments were discovered – churches, temples, houses with prayer rooms. Professor Jelal Shimshek noted that Laodicea is one of the largest ancient cities in Anatolia.  “In this unique city there were special places for cooking meat. Two theaters are located in the North and West of Laodicea”, –  Shimshek said. “We intend to restore the theater and conduct new excavations in the area. There are two theaters in Laodicea, so it is important to completely restore at least one of them. Restoration work will continue for 2 years. Thanks to the excavations, it was found that pillars were installed on the stage of the theater. There were various sculptures between the pillars”, –  Shimshek said.