As with all of Alanya in Turkey on Tuesday by the coronavirus measures related to high density Noble Interior Minister announced an audit to be carried out after the circular was sent to 81 provincial governorships. While it is informed that the governor, district governor and headmen will also participate in the inspections, places such as accommodation facilities and shopping malls will be checked. INTERIOR Minister of Noble, was announced on Tuesday held a high-density control measures within the scope of the coronavirus in Turkey. A circular on “Kovid-19 Measures Inspections” was sent to the governorships by the Ministry of Interior. According to the circular, governors, district governors and mukhtars will also participate in the inspections for Kovid-19 measures in provinces and districts.


As with all accommodation in Alanya in Turkey, shopping malls, market places, restaurants, cafes, kıraathane, hairdressers and beauty centers will be individually controlled under control. The newly appointed District Governor Fatih Ürkmezer will also attend the audit. Similar inspection was carried out for the first time last week.


The Ministry of Interior sent a circular on “Kovid-19 Measures Inspections” to 81 Provincial Governorships. In the Circular, it was stated that compliance with the basic principles of cleaning, mask and distance rules as well as the measures determined for all business lines and living areas during the controlled social life period is of great importance in terms of the success of the fight against the epidemic. It was stated that governorships were instructed to carry out continuous audits using the forms prepared in line with the Working and Management Guide. At the current stage, considering the number of recent cases, the importance of complying with the existing measures in all areas of life has once again emerged, and the following information about the inspections to be carried out throughout the country was included: