New measures were discussed after the increasing number of cases in Alanya as well as throughout the country. After the additional measure circular sent by the Ministry of Interior to 81 provincial governorships, Alanya Health Director Dr. Abdullah Yağdır made important statements about the new rules to be applied within the scope of combating coronavirus in Alanya.

ALANYA Health Manager Dr. In his statement to New Alanya, Abdullah Yağdır made important statements about the new period that started in the fight against coronavirus. Yağdır, “Our audits have been tightened. The people in isolation, the contacts and the controls in the collective organizations have been changed. Contacted people will be checked at home by teams affiliated to the District Health Directorate. Very urgent patients will be taken to the hospital. ”

District Health Director Abdullah Yağdır, who stated that the people who were subjected to isolation in their homes will be inspected by law enforcement officers, said, “The list containing the information of the people who were subjected to isolation in their homes will be updated daily by the District Health Directorate and delivered to law enforcement officers. Especially in the first 7 days, it will be monitored by law enforcement officers whether or not the insulation conditions are followed. Those who do not comply with the conditions will be fined 3 thousand 150 TL ”.

Emphasizing that regulations were also introduced for the follow-up of contact persons, Yağdır said, “The contact persons diagnosed with coronavirus were followed by our family physicians by phone. Symptom queries of the contacts will now be carried out at home within 5 or 6 days of diagnosis. Samples of the people who have complaints will be taken at their homes instead of the hospital by officials of the District Health Directorate. The people with very heavy conditions will be transferred to the hospital in a controlled manner by the medical teams. ”

Regarding collective organizations such as Yağdır condolence house, wedding and engagement, he said: “In organizations such as weddings, engagements, and circumcision, it will not be allowed to comply with the rules of using physical distance. Meetings will be held with organizers and shopkeepers’ representatives regarding the mandatory rules. The decisions of the District Hygienic Committee will be notified to those concerned, and will be warned to comply with the measures. Audits will be carried out under the control of stimulating and expert audit teams. Warning in the first violation, administrative fines in the second violation, suspension of activity for 1 day in the third violation, and suspension of activity for 3 days in the fourth violation. Apart from the stimulating and expert supervision teams, an audit will also be carried out under the control of civilian personnel or officials (in civilian clothes) to determine whether the measures have been followed. The inspections will be done graciously with a stimulating, guiding and deterrent approach. Condolences will be restricted. Catering will be banned in collective organizations. ”

Our District Governor of Alanya, Dr. Under the chairmanship of Fatih Ürkmezer, “Film Studies Monitoring Boards” will be established. The change in the number of patients, inpatients, serious patients and people in isolation by these boards will be followed one-to-one, and will meet with representatives of health, law enforcement and other appropriate units every day at 16.00. In order to determine the measures to be taken and to reach the contacts of the patient, inpatient, serious patient, and the person in isolation more quickly and effectively, the team will be supported by the law enforcement units and neighborhoods, teachers and imams in the neighborhoods and these people will be kept in isolation. In order to detect the disease in the early period and start the isolation process, citizens will be informed about applying to health institutions as soon as they feel the first symptoms. ”