Erdoğan’s statements are as follows:

We will carry out the normalization calendar step by step within the framework of the Scientific Board operating under our Ministry of Health. The issue was published in the realization of the relevant normalization plan in all sectors. Information about the entry time usage area of ​​the workplaces and the number of customers will be hung. 23-24-25-26 of May In all 81 cities, curfews will be applied.
The flexibility regarding our youth will be implemented again on Wednesday. The travel restriction has been extended for 15 days.


Developments give a hope to Alanya tourism

The downtrend in the coronavirus case continues in Russia, the most important tourism market of Alanya. The fact that the number of cases decreased and the coronavirus epidemic reduced the impact in the country also pleased the tourism professionals of Alanya.

Tourism paradise that the most important market of Alanya, the coronavirus epidemic in Russia was driving tourism professionals to worry. With the increase in the number of cases at the beginning of the epidemic in the country, Alanya tourism professionals faced the risk of losing their most important markets this season. But the latest news from Russia inspired everyone, especially tourism professionals. 8 thousand 926 new cases of coronavirus have been reported in the country in the last 24 hours. Russia, which has reported more than 10,000 new cases for 12 days, pleased that the downtrend continues.