Stone prints of endemic marine animals at the age of 15 million years were found in Doğanşar district of Sivas province in 400 km from the sea at an altitude of 1350 meters. Turkish scientists believe that the ancient fossils found in large numbers are the proof that many millions of years ago this region was a seabed. “In this area fa large number of ancient prints of sea inhabitants on the surface of the soil, rocks were found. Most of the fossils found were once starfish, turtles, snails, hedgehogs, and other marine life. Meeting with them at an altitude of 1350 meters and 400-kilometer distance from the Black and Mediterranean seas indicates that 15 million years ago this area was the seabed. Over time, the geography of Anatolia has changed – the sea water receded, revealing the bottom, where we now find the prints of ancient marine life”, – Professor of history Fikri Karaman (Fikri Karaman) said. Currently, Turkish scientists and historians are working with the artifacts found, seeking recognition of the importance of the region and its full preservation for transmission in its present form for posterity.