The application file for the inclusion of the Prince Islands in the temporary UNESCO world heritage List has been submitted to the Ministry of culture and tourism of Turkey from the municipality and the Prince Islands Foundation. It happened in Istanbul’s Buyukada district. Work in this direction has been carried out since 2016.The inclusion of the Prince Islands in the UNESCO world heritage list contributes to the recognition and promotion of their cultural values throughout the world.The fact that these values have come down to our time, despite the existing threats, is also a feature of the Prince Islands, the document notes.Prince’s Islands, which are often called Adalars (“Adalar” — “island”) is a group of 9 Islands that are located in the Marmara Sea at a distance of 18-35 km from Istanbul.Four of these Islands are inhabited and open to the public, these islands are: Kinayiada, Burgazada, Heybeliada and the biggest one of Adalar – Buyukada.During the summer months, the Prince Islands are popular destination for day trips from Istanbul.