TURKISH President Regep Tayyip Erdogan in his article entitled “Turkey and China — countries with common prospects”, which was published in the Chinese edition of “Global Times”, noted: “strengthening of the bilateral cooperation between Turkey and China contributes to closer ties between the peoples of two countries, including the expansion of cooperation in the field of tourism.” Turkey shares China’s prospects in serving world peace, ensuring global security and stability, promoting multilateralism and supporting the principle of free trade, – Regep Tayyip Erdogan said. President Erdogan also called on the Chinese business community to invest more actively in the economy of Turkey, which, in his words, “is located at the intersection of Asia and Europe and is the heart of the project “one belt and one road”. “Among our goals is to bring the volume of bilateral trade with China to 50 billion dollars, and then to 100 billion dollars,” – the publication notes. The President of Turkey reminded that in 2018, the year of tourism of Turkey was held in China, within the framework of which dozens of events were carried out throughout the country. He expressed the joy of the Turkish leadership over the noticeable increase in the number of Chinese tourists visiting Turkey. The Turkish leader added: “as we move towards the goal of 1 million Chinese tourists, which we have set together with President Si Dzynpin, bilateral relations between our countries will further expand.”