Another resort in Turkey plans to take advantage of the popularity of hot air balloon flights, which were “advertised” by tourists from all over the world by Cappadocia. The city Mardin offered the similar programs to the tourists in the South-East of Turkey.Here, balloon flights are held in the ancient city Dara. The city is located in the central district of Artuklu which is a tourist center. The fortress was founded in Byzantine times to protect its border from the Persian Sassanids, now it is a popular tourist attraction.Accordingly, within the framework of the project initiated by the Mardin governorship under the slogan “We grow, Mardin”, tourists can have the balloon flights.As stated by Omer Kafkas, the coordinator of the balloon ride, Mardin is the third best place for tourists-balloonists, and a few years later it even rises to a higher level. For the first time in Turkey, tourists were lifted into the sky in a balloon in 1993 in Cappadocia. A few years ago, these walks have started to develop in Pamukkale.You can see all the beauty of nature, architecture, buildings only from a bird’s eye view. To feel the whole city and all the natural beauty in the palm of your hand and realize all their greatness, you can just a few minutes of flying in a balloon. Balloon trip is a unique, exciting, incomparable adventure that will be remembered for a long time.