The world health organization (WHO) welcomes Ankara’s efforts to reduce smoking prevalence and named Turkey a leader in smoking control.According to WHO, the number of smokers in the world today has exceeded one billion, 80 per cent of them are low-and middle-income.The number of smokers in Turkey exceeds 15 million.The Turkish authorities have been actively fighting smoking for more than 20 years. The first anti-smoking law was adopted in Turkey in 1996.In Turkey, a ban on tobacco advertising was introduced. Even in movies and music videos a white spot appears instead of cigarettes. A ban on smoking in public areas and enclosed spaces has been introduced. Citizens are informed about the dangers of smoking, and assistance is offered at the state level in getting rid of this bad habit.According to official data, 24% of the adult population in Turkey has this harmful habit. Despite the active struggle last year, the country recorded the highest rate of cigarette consumption in the country.