Famous Turkish producer, the creator of the TV series “Revival of Ertugrul” and “Revival. Osman” will present a new project, which, according to him, will compete with the world-famous Saga “Magnificent age”.Mehmet Bozdag said that he worked on a new historical film together with the screenwriter Atilla Engin.According to the producer, he has high hopes for the new film and admits that it will break the records of the legendary Saga “The Magnificent age”.It is known that the shooting of the film lasted for a year, previously the actors studied martial arts, horseback riding, the use of sword and bow, and studied the history of the period described in the film.”The success of any work is the will of God, we cannot predict the result. But the excellent script gives reason to believe that the film “Turks are coming: sword of justice” will play an important role in Turkish cinema and will appeal to viewers around the world, ” – the producer said.The film will be screened in Turkey, Russia, USA, Canada, Chile, Mexico, Australia, Japan, South Korea, UK, Germany and other countries.