The small and cozy city Kash is hidden from the bustle of the outside world behind the green mountains overgrown with pine trees and wild olive trees, in a picturesque Bay on the Mediterranean coast, 180 km West of Antalya airport. In all of Turkey you will not find a better place for diving. Kash offers world-class diving and training in Turkey.Diving coach Barish Sheker said that every year in Kash hundreds of divers train and the number of divers is growing rapidly. Further mentioning that there are about 20 dive centers in the region, Sheker continued: “We can test everyone to give the best training. Therefore, our preparation is better than at any other point in the South of Turkey. When a coach sees a mistake made by another instructor, he immediately warns a colleague, so the level of training remains very high.”Kash offers world-class diving and training in Turkey. Denis Torun, another diving coach, said that Kash is the perfect place for amateurs to train: “I’m currently an Intern. I got my three-star diving certificate. I was very impressed with the possibilities of diving in Kash when I first came here. Underwater riches of Kash  are countless. I advise everyone to come here at least once to learn how to dive here.”The underwater world in Kasha is diverse and rich – there are always huge turtles and giant groupers, moray eels and flocks of barracudas, from time to time you can meet dolphins. There are many octopuses, nudibranchs, various kinds of crustaceans and many small and medium-sized fish, such as fish soldiers, jackies and flutes.