The history of this city dates back to 260 BC.Every year this place attracts an increasing number of both local and foreign tourists who come not only to explore the ruins of the city, but also to spend time on the beach, located in a secluded Bay nearby.The increase in the number of tourists has caused such a problem as the garbage that some vacationers leave behind. The general cleaning in the ancient city was organized by joint efforts of municipal services of the city and Department of management of museums of Alanya. Within 1week workers collected garbage in the vicinity of the city. In just a week of work, 3 dump trucks of garbage were taken out!The ruins of the ancient city of Aytap are located 33 kilometers from Alanya and are clearly visible from the road. The city is situated in a mountain gorge, Cape Komurluk. In Aytap there is a small Harbor, in front of which there is a small plain. From this plain two roads are clearly visible, which open the ruins of ancient pedestals. Scientists have deciphered their inscriptions, which say that the statues were created in honor of the great athletes of the era.