The Palace of Ishak Pasha stands on a high plateau, which is surrounded by cliffs on 3 sides. The size of the Palace is 115 by 50 meters. The Palace consists of 3 main parts – external courtyard, internal and residential parts.According to representatives of the Department of tourism Dogubayazit, the interest of foreign tourists to the Palace and the region increases the rich history that is associated with Russia.Russian troops occupied the Palace during both the Russian-Turkish wars in 1828 and 1877. In the last war, the Turks stormed Dogubayazit for 23 days, trying to dislodge the Russians, but to take the fortress and failed. According to the San Stefano peace Treaty, the fortress was given to Russia, but the Congress of Berlin portion of this land was returned to the Ottoman Empire,” – the Professor of history, University of Igdir Yusuf Chetin said.The Palace of Ishak Pasha was founded in 1685 when Cholak Abdi Pasha, was built 99 years and was completed under his grandson Ishak Pasha II. This was the last large-scale construction of the “Tulip period”- a period of flourishing culture and arts.